Quality Transformations for Food Product Businesses and Restaurants

The globe staggers under the weight of the burden of Chronic Disease. Yet, more and more people rely on convenience foods, eating out, food delivery systems and Home style based cooking and food catering services. It is high time that this industry places delivering nutritional high quality to its customers. We understand the challenges in this venture with the need to balance the costs, the production and the nutrition delivery. For this group we offer the following services:

Sehat Sutra: Curating Healthy recipes/ A Complete Health Menu/A Health Menu Section/ Food Product Development Consultations

We will understand your organisation’s needs and curate what you envision so that you can play a part in bettering the community’s health and become a strong pillar of support in their efforts to maintain health. We can also curate recipes and menus for you to offer those affected by various clinical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. We can lend our name to your service to better credibility of your offer after our quality checks periodically.

PoshanSutra: Nutritional Values Determination for each Recipe, Food Item or Menu:

Our Team of Dieticians can enable you to determine nutritional values specially required in restaurants & packaged food. We can provide a Health Score for your products should you so desire it and could additionally consult to modify your product so that it is most suited to health and nourishment

Minimum 10 recipes

3000 Per Recipe

20 recipes

2500 Per Recipe

20+ recipes

2000 Per Recipe