Corporate Wellness Solutions

A healthy team member is a more effective team member and we endeavour to support those organisations which hold the health, nutrition and lifestyle of their employees, partners and teams as a high priority investment – both to boost productivity as well as to empower their workforce. We offer the following services:

Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Literacy Workshops

A one to three day workshop that is educative, transformative and empowering to make a leap into a sustainable Health mindset, behaviour and practices. We work in groups of 50 for this module.

You Turn to Health

A three-hour educational programme that can be conducted in both onsite and as a webinar with talks by experts, panel discussions and QnA sessions designed to provide a basic insight into good nutrition practices to make the start into the route to health and fitness. This can happen in site at your organisational premises or in a retreat facility amidst nature’s serenity.


A in person/virtual one on one consultation programme run for your employees to manage their disease conditions through diet and lifestyle for effective sustainable results. Your employee’s family could avail of this service too. We appreciate the organisation’s priority of placing their employee’s health at the forefront and envisioning to benefit many and so we offer this service at a special value as compared to individuals seeking out consultations.

Below 300 employees


300 to 500 employees

1 Lac

Above 1000 employees

2 Lacs