Sports mindset in Nutrition: The winning attitude with the proper diet!

Sports in India has now become an utterly respected field of career. A successful athlete is rewarded with medals, money, and fame. But with great power comes great responsibility, these athletes are constantly working towards getting better at the game. You must be wondering.

How do stay healthy and fit like athletes?

A day in the life of an athlete involves healthy meals, intense practice, and proper sleep. With relentless dedication, these athletes strengthen their bodies and minds. Sports is their full-time career and also blesses them with good health.

What is the importance of lifestyle to an athlete?

An athlete has to follow a strict routine, which makes them acquainted with following a pattern. These changes become their lifestyle. Every single day, the athlete focuses on their body and skills.

As we know, nutrition is an integral part of an athlete, the guidelines change specific to their game. Timely nutritious meals, a balanced diet, and utilizing their energy is their daily mantra.

How fitness can prevent several diseases?

Apart from becoming an expert in their field of work, these athletes have several additional benefits from being a sportsperson. We all are aware of the rise in the cases of obesity, and now that obesity is declared a medical condition. It is important for every individual to take care of their lifestyle and body weight. Having an active lifestyle, these athletes maintain a healthy body composition saving them from all the disorders arising from obesity. Extra fat accumulation does not occur, thus preventing the risks of endocrine diseases caused by fat tissue. This reminds me of a well-known saying that Prevention is better than cure.

Several lifestyle issues are growing in today’s time. Due to growing urbanization, health is neglected. A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns are causing trouble for grown adults. Fitness, Healthy eating, and having a proper lifestyle are important to prevent any health condition. Correct nutrition helps in the prevention of several diseases. Food helps in several processes of the body, right from metabolism, immunity, repair, and maintenance. Athletes and their dedication to maintaining their health should be an inspiration. Athletes depict the spirit to get better in terms of health and mind. Even though many of us are not athletes yet a healthy lifestyle is something to aim for. The dedicated energy and relentless practice of an athlete show how mouldable our bodies are.

We are impacted by the smallest change, so let that change be positive.

  • Sports teach us to train our minds and body. With consistent training and a scheduled routine, one develops a healthy lifestyle. The training of an athlete depicts the ability that can impact well-being.
  • The consistency of the athletes depicts how the mind is a powerful tool. With willpower and mindful decisions, one can develop a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of mindful eating?

Mindful eating can be easily understood by this beautiful phrase.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” ~ by Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

  • Mindful eating will help in avoiding unnecessary eating habits. Choose the right foods to improve your health and build your immunity.
  • With a clear vision to lead a healthy life, one can train their mind to follow healthy patterns. Consult your nutritionist for personalized nutrition tips. Having a clear explanation of your dietary habits develops ease for one to practice plans.
  • Improving a lifestyle is not about eating less or eating untasty food. Can healthy food be tasty too? There are several recipes to create tasty food by using healthy ingredients. Rainbow salad, international cuisines, traditional recipes, etc. A healthy lifestyle is a way of living with long-term goals. Misconceptions or myths with regard to food/ physical activity should be resolved. Lifestyle modification is not about experimenting but about having a diversified diet.

Why is dietary diversity important for good health ?

  • Indians have several traditional, and authentic recipes which are filled with essential nutrients. We know that athletes have to travel to countries for different competitions, during these traveling hours. They are provided with traditional foods of the country they reach as these foods are more suited to the climate of that country. This suggests the importance of traditional food
  • Under challenging times like difficult matches, athletes do not lose hope but fight back with more strength. Even if they lose a match, they take a break, relax and give their body a chance to repair, and then start practicing efficiently.

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How can correct nutrition help in the prevention of disease?

  • When the pandemic hit the world, our health was at rock bottom. Yet, many of us bounced back and realized the importance of health and immunity. This again reminds us of the significance of prevention.
  • Winning over the health issues arising due to nutrient deficiency should be our motive to practice a healthy lifestyle.
    Do people need to be educated on eating healthily? Nutrition education needs to be imparted just like any other life skill. It helps not just one individual but their entire family. It helps them to build a healthy way of life.

How do athletes cope with mental health?

  • There comes a transition phase for an athlete after a hectic competition. This phase is important for athletes to rest their bodies and relish enjoyable foods. Every individual looks forward to a break from the regular routine and living without guidelines. Though a healthy lifestyle becomes a way of living, if you are new to this, then small breaks are allowed for you.
  • Our tradition teaches us to indulge in fried and sugary foods majorly during festive occasions. But now that everything is readily available, consumption is more. Due to this, several health issues are rising. Thus, Moderation is key. Remind yourself of quality eating and not quantity munching.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

There is so much hidden power to this statement.

How could food be the best medicine of all?

It is high time we realize that food acts as a medicine when taken in the right composition and quantity. Correct food and healthy eating habits can benefit in the long run. For athletes, food is the fuel to efficiently work on time. In fact, we all are truly how we eat. Our eating habits impact our physical and mental capabilities. Strength and concentration are both influenced by our diet. Food participates in every small function of our body. When winning a match, along with making our country proud. An athlete earns a medal, money, and fame. Similarly, by following a nourishing lifestyle, we non-athletes are rewarded with a healthy life.

Why are self-love and nourishment important in a healthy lifestyle?

One should be grateful for their life as a human. With immense gratitude in our hearts, it is our duty to take care of our selfless physical body. Our organs and body parts work selflessly to provide us with strength in both good and bad times. Self-love should be the driving force to help your body heal.

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