I am the Healing Light!

Wishing a very Happy National Nutrition Month from all of us at Nutritionwithvibha.com.

In India, September is dedicated to Nutrition and celebrated as Poshan Maah as part of the National Nutrition Mission.

This is the time for us to revisit our goals and aspirations for Nutrition and Lifestyle to create sustainable health for ourselves, our communities, and our Nation.

So excited, proud, and grateful to be part of the Fraternity of Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics – a space where we can contribute to Community and National Development immensely and make a positive difference.

Let us come together in thoughts, words, and actions to embody the purpose of National Nutrition Month.

This year the Ministry of Child Development, Government of India has developed a beautiful theme of Collective Action in Communities to further the cause of Health and Nutrition in India.

This is to be achieved through Poshan Panchayats thus making Nutrition a mission of the people – a Jan Bhagidari

A partnership between the government, the people, and the Fraternity.

Taking this theme ahead, each one of us can be the spear of healing and health maintenance, and prevention of diseases for own selves and our families.

This purpose will fructify when the music in our minds is clear and it resonates with the beats of wanting to achieve and maintain sustainable health.

The key thoughts and affirmations for this are:

1. My Body is a Temple and I will nourish it with the best

2. I am grateful to my body for partnering with me in this life journey and being my vehicle to experience all the joys of life

3. I understand that if my Body breaks down, I break down

4. My Body Temple is my home, where the essence of me lives and operates from.

So on this day, the start of September – the National Nutrition Month

Let us pledge:

Dear Body, I am ever grateful for all the experiences you provide me.

In the past, I may have in ignorance disregarded you.

I promise that it will not happen again.

I pledge to take care of you and partner with you for your well-being just like you have unfailingly worked with me.

I pledge to always nourish you with good thoughts, good food and a good lifestyle

I pledge not to put you in compromising situations that lead to your dishonor and decay

Dear Body, I pledge to be your true and committed partner, so that we together can achieve our full potential

Dear Body, I pledge that I am the Healing Light through my thoughts, actions and words.

I pledge that I am the Healing Light through my Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices

I pledge that I am the Healing Light as I choose to  Nourish – Myself, my family and my community.

So, Dear Healthy Living Ambassadors

Let us walk on the path of health and fitness starting today.

We at Nutritionwithvibha.com look forward to being with you on this journey towards sustainable health.

Let us create communities of Healing Light and spread the word about Sustainable Health.

Many of your questions will be answered in our blogs. Do go through our curated collection to learn more about Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Let’s make this National Nutrition Month count

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Eat Healthy and Robust!

Eat Nourishment.

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