National Farmers Day-2022

Did you know, December 23rd is celebrated as Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s day)?

This is the day dedicated to the unsung heroes of India!

The ones who work on the farms throughout the year.

Be it winter, summer, or rain.

Farmers work relentlessly for cultivating crops to provide for all. This day is much needed to appreciate the efforts and show our gratitude towards farmers. 60% of the Indian population depends on farming activities for their livelihood. India has a largely agricultural society and this cannot be unnoticed. People living in urban areas have obscure knowledge about the farmer’s life. Thus, Kisan diwas will help create awareness regarding the indispensable part of India.

Why is Farmers’ Day celebrated?

Farming has been one of the main sources of income in India. 14-15% of India’s GDP comes from 80% of the rural population. Farmers are the most influential part of society and yet their struggles are unknown to many. Farmers are known as the “Annadata” – Food suppliers of the country. Our survival depends on these hard-working heroes. Our country is blessed to be the pioneer in producing crops and thus making us self-reliant.

Farmers Day and Its Significance

23rd December is the birth anniversary of a great personality. The fifth prime minister of India-Chaudhary Charan Singh. He was the one who introduced several schemes in favor of the farmers. He channeled public investments toward increasing farm productivity.

“The True India resides in its village” Quoted by – Chaudhary Charan Singh.

He came from the leading farming state of India, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh majorly produces rice, grains, sugarcane, etc. Several regions of India produce different crops and vegetables.

Importance of Farming in India?

India is diverse in the cultivation of different crops due to the favorable soil condition and climate. For ages, farming has created a great source of employment and monetary remuneration for the citizens of India. Various organizations conduct awareness campaigns and educational drives across the country on Farmer’s day. These are aimed at educating the farmers about the latest innovations in the farming industry. As well as, to let the common man know about the group of people working for them away from the buzz.

Why should I thank a farmer?

The backbone of the country, the one that feeds the people of the nation, works every day to grow crops. Here’s heartfelt gratitude to the farmers of India. Our livelihood and well-being depend on these selfless farmers. They are usually not rich or have big houses, but surely have the most hardworking souls.

Be a farmer for a day- plant your own veggie, take care of it and know what it is to be a farmer. This is an interesting activity for kids that helps them understand the process of cultivation. Through this activity, we can understand the difficulty of farmers while handling huge farms. Kitchen gardening is an upcoming trend amongst people which promotes growing small plants in our own homes. Quite literally you can get the fruit of your hard work. Veggies we can grow at home are- Lemons, chilies, tomatoes, microgreens, lettuce, capsicum, and many more. Re-growing veggies from food scraps are one of the ways to do kitchen gardening. Growing small, aesthetic plants on your windowsill is always a pleasure to look at.

How can I help farmers in India as a citizen?

Visit a Farmer’s market- Farmers are usually underpaid for the number of investments they put in. Buying directly from the farmer’s market can help them and this way we get to eat some freshly harvested veggies. In such markets, we can find fresh veggies that are free from preservatives.

5 ways to support local farmers –

  • Buy from a local vendor- Buying from local vendors who source their stock directly from nearby fields. Going local can help several small businesses and small-scale field workers.
  • Visit a farm-to-table restaurant./cafe- These restaurants/cafes directly source food ingredients from their farms or nearby farmers. These help the farmers create more profit. Such restaurants should be promoted and word of mouth should be spread.
  • Try new veggies (forgotten ingredients, locally grown veggies)– Trying new foods can increase the bioavailability of a wide range of nutrients. There are several small farmers who grow local ingredients in different areas. Their crops might not be sold due to their unawareness. We can try other things from the market, thus creating remuneration for these farmers.
  • Attend a farming workshop/ nursery field in your area- Visiting a nearby field/ farm. Informing the landowner beforehand and organizing a visit to know more about the farm. We can get to know facts about farming and the struggles faced by the farmers. This way, farmers feel heard and can receive help in some way or the other.
  • Buy from a local gardening shop- When buying seeds, soil, and kitchen gardening equipment, visit a local shop. Several of these shop owners are gardeners themselves and source local agricultural products. Rather than buying materials imported from abroad, we can help our own fellow citizens.

We all have been talking about organic foods and many have started buying imported products from different countries. Well, organic foods are nothing but homegrown veggies that are transported as soon as they are harvested. These are free from several preservatives, pesticides, and excessive fertilizers. It prevents the entry of harmful synthetic compounds. Combining different colors of foods, and different food groups into the diet diversifies the range of nutrients. These help in nourishing our bodies with phytonutrients, several vitamins, minerals, and energy.

Are Freshly harvested veggies better than packaged veggies?

If you have a field nearby that is transporting fresh veggies for you. You can always opt for these over the packaged food items in the mall. There are times during transportation from far cities, contamination can occur. If you live in a place where no farmer’s market is present or the local market has leftovers, then buying packaged veggies might be a better option. Do remember to check the packaging date on the label.

Why should we support local farmers and local food?

There are excruciating times when farmers are faced with an environmental crisis. Seeing their efforts go in vain either due to floods, drought, or seasonal extreme conditions. Farmers invest throughout the year to have a decent harvest. They are selling these at wholesale prices, which are usually undervalued. This creates a gap in society, where the farmers are neglected. This problem needs to be solved and farmers should be given appropriate remuneration. This farmers day, we as citizens should take a step to show our gratitude towards farmers.

With urbanization, we see several imported products in the market. Individuals don’t hesitate to buy these expensive products, while the local vendors struggle to sell their products even at affordable prices.

Locally grown vegetables are grown seasonally and free from several preservatives. Hygiene and quality of the ingredients can be easily identified, helping us to select the best ones as per our choice. The availability, affordability, and nutritional value of locally grown organic veggies are supreme.

How do you honor farmers?

The major concern in society is that people are unaware of the problems faced by the farmers. Thus, addressing their issues, creating awareness, and providing solutions are required. Farmers selflessly live a down-to-earth life, unknown of their immense contribution to the nation. Our gratitude and respect towards farmers make us better citizens and grateful human beings.

Having a plate full plate of food is a privilege. Our farmers work tirelessly to feed us and they deserve all our respect and admiration.

This Farmers’ Day reminds us to thank each and every farmer of the nation for their unconditional dedication.

We at wish all the farmers a plentiful harvest.

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Happy National Farmers’ Day.

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