Nutrition for an active sustainable change in health

In today’s hectic and unpredictable times, keeping the body healthy and the mind nurtured is paramount. However, the signs of ageing may not always be visible even among active people. The right nutrition at the right time will ensure that you stay fit, remain healthy and feel younger. Switch to holistic nourishment today and reap the benefits for a lifetime.

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World Food Day 2022

On the occasion of World Food Day, we are so happy to feature wonderful thoughts expressed in words and verse by budding nutritionist Asmita Jaiswal. Currently pursuing her Masters in Nutrition, she is an ardent believer in equal nutritional justice. Read her thoughts on sustainable health expressed through a heart touching poem and thought provoking words. We at Nutrition with Vibha feature her as her thoughts align with our vision – Nutrition for a Sustainable Change in Health. Write in your comments and thoughts to this piece.

carbohydrates for every sports men & sportswomen

Carbohydrates – A Yes or a No for young athletes?

What is the one thing that pushes you to hustle? A motivating quote or a pat on the back? The answer is different for different individuals. We all need external fuel to help us work. It might be talking with a friend or a walk in the park. These are some emotional/ social fuels that can pump our energy. The physical fuel for our body to work comes from the nutrition we provide. The major source of energy for our body comes from carbohydrates.