Ginger- The Primitive Superherb Root For Robust Health!

A farmer on a rustic land.   
A robust flavorful work ethic.
He tells it like it is.
Strong, with the smell of the earth and dare in his heart.

He can turn the taste of words to what the thunder gives when the earth is red.
And then he heals too…like tincture on a suture.

And then he is calm…a brown blanket over disease.

Ginger… a super spice, a superfood, superherb root spicy and flavourful with a strong aroma, it adds zest to the food items and creates a smacking culinary experience. Lively ginger is easily recognized in Indian cuisine, especially in popular appetizers, chutneys, gravies, biryanis, momos, etc.

When working with spices and herbs, their flavor profiles are beautiful variations of earthy and sweet aromas that tie in well with foods. Ginger has an intriguing profile that includes notes of citrus and pine but at its core is a remarkable burn that leaves your taste buds buzzing!

More than the exuberant flavor it adds, Ginger has several health benefits that can put us on the road to health and happiness. So, it’s no surprise that ginger is one of nature’s most versatile foods, with a wealth of uses having to do with your body.

The ginger root is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant, native to the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Ginger is cultivated for the fleshy underground stem, which is used fresh for cooking or dried and ground or grated for use in many foods and drinks. Ginger – a superherb root is consumed in many forms: fresh ginger root, pickled ginger, crystallized ginger, and powdered ginger.

Ginger is an important part of Indian culture and it is considered a superfood. It has been used in Indian cuisine for centuries and was even mentioned by the Vedas, which are ancient Hindu scriptures. Ginger is at the top of the list of ingredients to use during spicy marination.

Yes, Ginger does add flavor to food and very importantly it confers many health benefits too.

Let’s look at five health benefits of ginger…

Five health benefits of ginger:

  1. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, and immune-boosting effects: Ginger contains gingerol, which has been shown to have active anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger also contains anethole and zingerone which are powerful antioxidants with health benefits including protection of the body’s cells from oxidative damage. Ginger thus boosts immunity and assists in weight loss, managing atherosclerosis, arthritis, lung infection, intestinal inflammation, and skin flare-ups.
  1. Helps decrease pain: Ginger has an analgesic effect in many conditions. It can reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Results are seen to accelerate recovery of muscle strength following intense exercise…so sports people and gymmers can look at ginger in their post-workout shake. It could be used for the relief of migraine and low back pain too.
  1. Can be part of a cancer-protective program: Cancer thrives in an inflammatory cellular environment. Ginger can protect against inflammation and thus provide some anti-cancer benefits to the cell. It can induce inhibition of cancer cell division and migration of cancer cells. In small divided doses, ginger also helps in reducing the issues of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy.
  1. Gut health: Ginger soothes digestive issues. It also has amazing benefits for resolving issues of digestion – right from reducing reflux to bettering stomach emptying to resolving indigestion issues. Ginger is antispasmodic, decongestant, carminative, stomachic, and antibacterial. It can better the good gut bacteria that are so essential for health.
  1. Benefits of menstrual cramping and acidity in pregnancy: Ginger tea can be effective in relieving menstrual pain. It also reduces the heartburn and nausea associated with the first trimester of pregnancy.

We know you have a pressing question – How can we use it?

Well, here are easy ways to use ginger liberally in your diet. Let’s look at some ideas:

Ways to use ginger liberally in your diet:

1. Add grated ginger to gravies

2. Ginger julienne into dals: Add a robust fresh ginger garlic paste to breakfast dishes and main courses

3. Ginger in chutneys and pickles: This will ensure that some ginger will be part of your intake on a daily basis

4. Ginger in teas: This can be part of the regular tea you make (do not over boil or you may lose the active compounds) or make herbal infusions with ginger and sip it multiple times in a day

5. Ginger juice is a great addition to salad dressings and soups

6. Ginger powder made of dry ginger can be used in various dishes for benefit – research shows the benefit of 250 mg of ginger powder (a nice full pinch of ginger powder) four times a day

Also available are ginger extracts and capsules, which you can explore with a Nutritionist’s guidance.

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Cheers to Superfood Ginger…!💪💥

We at look at the incorporation of the bounties of nature into our diets and reap the benefits of health. We have ginger recipes for you to download – use them, write to us with your comments, and share any recipes that you use.

Let the benefits of ginger take us one step closer to health.

Stay Nourished!

Stay Blessed!☺️☺️

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