Nutrition Guide for 2022

The covid pandemic hit us in 2020 and is still prevailing under several names, while we surpass yet another year along with the virus fear. There is a lot that has changed during the lockdown life. Nutrition and health have gained a newer and wider perspective in our minds. While earlier healthy choices were assumed to be a lifestyle. Today, health is not just a priority but a necessity.

Now that 2021 is coming to an end, let us rattle off food trends we should be inviting or rejecting from our list in 2022!

The 2021 Binge Report.

One of the well-known food delivery companies came down with their report for 2021. Indicating the most ordered and binged food of India this year. Samosas, biryanis topped the list. Night owls contributed the most in the binging race! Desserts were delivered equally in several houses within the speed of light! The report also mentioned the popularity of ordering dal khichdi in urban cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. After all, we all crave home-cooked food sooner or later.

Our body is made in a way for us to know what it needs. In times of long hours of starving, we automatically binge on easy-calorie foods for instant fuel to the body. During the night outs, our umami taste buds get activated. We tend to eat chips, instant noodles. Though we might have our dinner prepared in the fridge or fruits on the table.

When our body clicks every time we are on a deficit of any nutrient. What we choose to satisfy the deficit is what matters. For instance, after a gym session, our body knocks for some protein intake. Therefore gym trainers and health professionals suggest eggs, protein shakes post-workout. 

What Do We Infer From This?

“All that you crave isn’t bad. Likewise, all that you eat isn’t truly what you crave.”

Understanding your physiological as well as psychological requirements (body and mind respectively). It is essentially important to avoid health inefficiency.

Craving foods might be a sign of nutrient deficiency, but also other common reasons that lead to frequent binging are –

Stress, food addiction, mere boredom. This causes us to misjudge the amount of food we require and the amount we are consuming. Further leading to weight gain issues, along with gut health issues.

Food can be a way to cope up with stress for many, and we agree that food was meant for our mental well-being along with physical. Yet a mealtime should end with happy faces and not guilt trips.  

The Easy Yet Unhealthy Choices

In search of convenience and speed. Meal replacers in the form of shakes, semi-cooked gravies picked up growth. Packaged food items, easy to cook frozen foods. Made people’s lives easier. Yet they contain several preservatives and ingredients that are proven to be carcinogenic in the long run.

Though cooking at home grew with several trends to hop on. Several trends were simply calorie-dense, meanwhile, the traditional preparations lost their way. Being attached to the grassroots of our staple diet will always be on our side in times of need! Our wheat chapati will be quicker to make than the sourdough bread.

Sugary soft drinks, alcohol picked up pace in the market during the lockdown. These were the go-to drinks for partying while staying home.

As soft drinks tend to be addictive due to their high sugar content. People forget about the adverse effects of the same.

Softs drinks contain phosphoric acid that degenerates bone health.

The high sugar content in soft drinks is an easy weapon to attack people with risks of diabetes.

Talking about alcohol, over-consumption of alcohol as we all know leads to,

Adverse liver health.

Risks of type 2 diabetes.

Loss in chronic brain coordination.

Risks for several cancers and many more.

What To Choose In 2022?

This year, let it not be baggage full of unrealistic resolutions. But the evolution of your mind within.

We are here to help you with small steps.

  1. Choose the seasonal blessings –  Grab the different veggies that come in different seasons. These foods are rich in the nutrients we require for that particular weather. With easy availability, these ingredients come to the rescue from several illnesses. This year, relish the goodness, nature has to offer.
  • Opt for several Indian traditional recipes along with other cuisines (keep in mind the composition of the recipe to be nutritious and healthy)

Have a look at wonderful nutritious recipes at:

  • Get habitual to eating fruits – Fruits are essential for micronutrient balance in our body. These provide us with the hydration we miss during our daily activities. Fruits are beneficial for gut health, skin health, and many more.

Keep in mind to ask every day,

Did you eat your fruit today? 

  • Stay hydrated – remember to drink at least 8-9 glasses of sugar-free fluids per day. (E.g. water, buttermilk, green tea, soups, etc)
  • Catch hold of the functional foods you are missing out on. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, etc.

Check out our blog on one of the most powerful functional food of all time:

Turmeric – The Golden Spice!
  • Have a 30-minute session of moderate physical activity every day. This will help your bones, muscles and YOU to be on toes, Quite literally!

(Jogging/sports like badminton or football/Zumba/dancing. Anything that pulls you up from the couch!)

  • Prioritize mental health – Your peace of mind and your happiness is equally important! Do the little things that make you happy, get on board with your childhood hobbies. Sleep on time, get dressed for that online meeting or webinar. Times are tough, but you can always cherish them in some ways. 

Learn how sleep can affect your mental health:

A Beautiful Sleep
  • Say No to negative body image, self-doubts, and insecurities. Your body can never define the power of your mind. Remember to love yourself with all that it has to offer. Every time you push yourself down, you disrespect the potential you carry. Remember, you are meant to do wonders.

A Message From Us.

The waving fields stand upright, symbolizing the adequate nutrition they received. The same farmlands would have been dull or ruined if they got too much or too little water and fertilizer. Similarly, good health is in our hands to ruin or flourish. Nutrition through food is the human fertilizer.

We at Nutrition with Vibha, stand for sustainable living, mindful eating, and Joyful cooking. We acknowledge the importance of the love and affection that food can bring to our lives. Through this platform, we hope to change your perspective positively towards food and health.

The last two years have been a roller coaster for all of us. In spite of the circumstances, by hook or by crook we managed to surpass the year. Believing that the coming year would be healthy in terms of mental as well as physical health. We would like to conclude in good faith and positive wishes from Nutrition with Vibha.

Have a Happy New Year! 🙂

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