World Food Day 2022

Contributed by Asmita Jaiswal

On the occasion of World Food Day, we are so happy to feature wonderful thoughts expressed in words and verse by budding nutritionist Asmita Jaiswal. Currently pursuing her Masters in Nutrition, she is an ardent believer in equal nutritional justice. Read her thoughts on sustainable health expressed through a heart touching poem and thought provoking words. We at Nutrition with Vibha feature her as her thoughts align with our vision – Nutrition for a Sustainable Change in Health. Write in your comments and thoughts to this piece.

One craves international cuisines, 

While one craves the feeling of satiety. 

Out of love one shares food with their pets,

While one fights with the stray beings for a morsel.

Such is the state of the children of mother earth,

She weeps while looking at the helpless. 

All the farms and trees full of fruits are divided by boundaries, 

She created all these without any asset registers

We all were born to thrive happy and healthy on this planet, 

No one deserves to face the emotion of starvation.

Nevertheless, one survives the worst days and tragic turns, 

With the help of a beautiful human.

This beautiful human is one who unconditionally brightens lives, 

This human provides help to someone in need. 

This human is widely known to never waste a nibble,

He/she can be the least popular yet have the biggest heart.

This beautiful human can be us.

We can be the reason one doesn’t sleep hungry.

We can provide the helpless with a small act of love. 

The love is bound within the food we share.

Sharing food is the most unconditional gift we can give,

All the underprivileged children look at the world with eyes of hope.

These eyes expect nothing but equal opportunity to live their life,

What is the least we can do for these innocent hearts? 

This world food day, let us all pledge to never waste food,

Let us all pledge to share food with the needy,

Let us pledge to take part in making this world a heavenly place.

Let us pledge to not leave anyone behind.

We at wish you all a very Happy World Food Day. This day is celebrated every year on the 16th of October to commemorate the founding date of the FAO (food and agricultural organization of- United Nations). 

The theme of World food day 2022 is to Leave NO ONE behind. 

This year the focus is to create awareness of global hunger prevalence. The aim is to create a change that can help eradicate the problem of malnutrition. With growing globalization, many are ignored and left behind. These individuals have not benefited from human development and economic growth in the world. Many suffer from the problem of food insecurity and malnutrition. Apart from the problem of accessibility and supply, there is a huge gap in the education of people regarding nutritious diets. The one with all the access to food is still malnourished and suffering from various nutrient deficiencies.

We at aim at educating and empowering our readers with the tool of knowledge. 

We would be grateful to motivate at least one reader to contribute to the must-need global change. And after its done write in to us at

Global change requires the right information, the right environment, and the right nutrition for all. Nutritious meals are a human right of all, and every individual deserves a disease-free healthy body composition. The pandemic left many of us in shock and grief. It impacted the lives of many, it has also been seen to affect our immunity. People are getting aware of the importance of taking care of their health. We see a lot of people confused about how they can prevent health issues well before time. There are several blogs at Nutrition with Vibha that will help you know how to build immunity, and get stronger and healthier.

Today on the occasion of World Food Day, we appreciate all our readers who visit our blogs. You are not only educating yourselves, but this knowledge will help you build a healthier life. It will impact your family and the community at large.

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