5 Ways of choosing Health this Diwali.


Diwali: Light up Health, Light up Nourishment!

5 Ways of Choosing Health this Diwali

Blog by Ms.Vibha Hasija / Recipes by Dr Anuradha Mitra

India teems diversity in this beautiful one big country – the beautiful confluence and amalgamation of diverse beliefs, religions, and cultural feasts. The richness of our heritage comes to the fore in the many festivities we celebrate – glorious times that make life a season of joy, the tides of sharing gifts, and a time of revelries.

Why is the festival of lights so important?

Diwali is considered the festival of lights. The celebration of victory, positivity, and truth. The light that we celebrate on Diwali is the symbolism of all that is good in us versus the evil that prevails; all that is positive that we can hold on to versus the negativity that we overcome. It signifies light over darkness and the bringing in the new. Diwali tells us to harness our power of looking at the strengths that we house inside us and shows us the path to bring the good into our lives.

That brings us to the viewpoint of looking at a new perspective this Diwali – Can we start the journey of bringing in Health this Diwali? A most opportune time – with the soul wanting to leap into goodness, a most auspicious time of prayer and purity – the absolutely right time to start that trek toward Health.

How are diet and lifestyle responsible for chronic diseases?

The dietary changes have slowly impacted the health of our population. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity have risen due to the same. The problem starts when people forget the difference between enjoying and binge eating. Rather than sharing and enjoying small portions of snacks people tend to consume large quantities. The sedentary lives of people have impacted their gut health and immunity. We can commonly see symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, and acidity during festivals.

How can we make Diwali healthy, safe and memorable?

Let this Diwali kick-start your health journey.

This Diwali, let us renovate our life with healthy living and good eating habits, a positive approach toward nourishing foods, and improving our diets. This festive season can be your chance to emerge renewed with a new mindset. We at Nutritionwithvibha.com think it would be a good idea to look at the significance of the five days of Diwali from the health and Nutrition and Lifestyle perspective and manifest that into our lives from this Diwali on.

Let’s look at five ways to be healthy and empower this Diwali season:

Day 1 (22nd of October) – Dhanteras:

Danteras signify prosperity and the buying of new auspicious and valuable things. We usually buy gold, silver, vehicles, and equipment. This year let us start a Health Dhanteras. After all, it is the day that Ayurveda was given to us.

How can we bring in more healthful choices this Dhanteras?

We motivate our readers, to stock their kitchens with some goodness of health on this day. After all, along with wealth, good health is something we all strive for. Let’s buy healthy food this Diwali break!

Invest in:

  • A smoothie maker – Smoothies are a great way to whip up a mini meal that is satiating and nourishing or an Air fryer or Healthy recipe books.
  • Looking at varied kinds of cheeses that will tickle the palate and have good nourishment too. (Caution to those whose blood pressure is high)
  • Pampering ourselves with the goodness of varied nuts and seeds. Eaten in moderate portions, nuts and seeds are wonderful snacks that bless our health and vitality.
  • Exploring various dried fruits which are unsweetened and nutrient-rich.
  • Stocking the kitchen with fruits of the season – Nature’s authentic sweets.
  • Letting loose the richness of vegetables onto your tables and plates – May it be steamed veggies or salads or soups.
  • Equipment or facilities that help you move more and are part of your exercise routine: Yoga class, dance class, swimming, gym, yoga mat, weights, skipping rope, exercise ball – the list is long…we know you have got the point!
  • Meditative music and chants, good sleep equipment, bed, pillows, and sheets – to give you a comfortable night’s rest.
  • Subscribing to Nutrition with Vibha.

Diwali Sparkle – All gold is not yellow – some preciousness takes other forms!

Day 2 (23rd of October) – Choti Diwali :

Choti Diwali is celebrated with various beliefs – usually revolving around sharing by exchanging sweets and meeting family and friends. Several fried and sweet dishes are bought or made in large quantities and shared with family and friends. These snacks are usually not suitable for individuals with compromised gut health, or disease conditions. Thus, with the intent of wishing the best of health to our loved ones, this Choti Diwali, let us exchange healthy sweets and snacks. Let us gift other things than those with sugar and oil.

How to indulge in sweet yet guilt-free gifting during Diwali? Some ideas can be-

  • Replacing sweets with sugar-free nuts/seeds ladoos.
  • Gifting exotic fruits than gifting expensive chocolates.
  • Using nuts as a gifting option.
  • Take a good nourishing dish to the family you are visiting next.
  • Give a health hamper – some organic turmeric, spice mix, saffron, green tea, and amla preserve. There! Isn’t that a novel idea?
  • Give the gift of time and laughter and books and art.

Diwali Sparkle – All gifts may not be sweet but could be designed to add sweetness to life!

Day 3rd (24th of October)Lakshmi Pooja

Lakshmi Poojawhen we pray for good health along with wealth. This day is to pray for light and happiness in everyone’s life. According to mythology, Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana on this auspicious day. It is celebrated to depict the victory of good over evil. Similarly, we should worship our body for fighting all evil diseases, and helping us thrive on tiresome days. With the intention of taking a positive step towards health, this Diwali let us initiate a change – that which depicts the slaying of Ravana’s 10 heads of unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices:

  1. Step ahead to quit smoking.
  2. Moderating alcohol consumption.
  3. Going for a walk/ indulging in a physical activity-related hobby every day.
  4. Consuming more whole, unrefined, minimally processed, home-cooked foods.
  5. Make nuts and seeds your snack buddy.
  6. Trying out traditionally prepared foods and making them a regular on the weekly menu.
  7. Mindfully reducing sugar and salt in the diet.
  8. Having three servings of vegetables at least every day.
  9. Having two servings of fruit at least every day.
  10. Drink 8 -10 glasses of water daily, sleep for 8 hours, and exercise daily.

Diwali Sparkle – The Goddess can also bestow the wealth of good Health. It is up to us to ask and manifest!

Day 4th (26th of October) – The New Year

The New Year holds both celebration and a challenge. Whilst we celebrate the achievements of the previous year, the challenge asks us how are we going to renew and upscale and evolve and progress, and do better.

What new are we going to choose in ourselves?

In what ways are we transforming?

Let us make this year about Health Transformation!

Let this Diwali be the time we become Healthy Living Ambassadors!

Let us choose a transformation into a health.

Let us hold good health and good nourishment and a good lifestyle as the key to a good life.

Let us worship our commitment to better health this Diwali!

We at Nutrition with Vibha urge each one to let go of that which does not suit our health mindset.

Let go of beliefs and practices that drag us down into chronic disease and let us rise into Health this New Year.

We at Nutrition with Vibha want to mould each one to touch the path of health and sustainability.

Let us pledge the Healthy New Me this Diwali!

Diwali Sparkle – Being Health Empowered, Health Literate, and Health Manifested is the New Transformation

Day 5 (25th October) – Bhaubeej/ Govardhan pooja

The time when the relationship between the brother and sister is celebrated. Siblings pray for the good health and prosperity of each other. On this day, siblings get dressed up, share gifts, eat sweets, and pray. Wishing the best for each other is the true meaning of these festivals.

All these days of the Diwali break have uncountable recipes to relish. It is easier for individuals to lose control and indulge in binge eating. Many people stack up their kitchen shelves with these snacking items. This leads to over-eating, and one might suffer from gut issues.

We have curated healthy and delicious recipes for you to make your Diwali celebration more special.

It is important for the entire family to be vigilant of their food intake. Let us take a Diwali resolution to Help each other practice mindful eating.

Let us look at How to eat smartly during the Diwali season.

– Sharing mindful healthy gifts for your loved ones.

– Consider their health goals and help them achieve them.

-Providing them with a helpful environment to improve dietary habits.

-Be their Role Model and their support – their lighthouse and bridge and rock.

For that, we need to be steady first.

Stay tuned to Nutritionwithvibha.com, where we work to share credible information, delicious recipes, and Health mindsets with you.

Diwali Sparkle: Be the change you want to see- Mahatma Gandhi

This is your chance to have a new beginning this festive season. Emerge renewed just like the trees at the first signs of spring.

We at Nutrition with Vibha, wish you all a very healthy and safe Diwali. We eagerly look forward to knowing ‘What’s your health resolution this Diwali?’

Write to us if you have started your journey with these tips this Diwali.

Remember – Nutrition can create a sustainable change in health!

Stay Blessed!

Stay Nourished!

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