Dear Young Football Champion

Here is a Wonderful Opportunity to better and optimise your performance at your game! offers you three paths to lead you on to how the correct Nutrition and Lifestyle can improve your game

Path 1

Take the road of becoming Empowered to unleash your full potential.

For, It is but the Empowered who can bring a true and lasting change. We have curated a Self Empowerment Tool (lovingly called SET) titled Kids Performance Nutrition in Sports - Nutrition for Optimum Performance for Young Footballers.

This is a tool that will guide you, handhold you, educate you as well as your caregiver, thus enabling you to choose the correct Nutrition and Lifestyle day after day. The SET consists of engaging videos, summary documents, self evaluation tools and recipe sets which will enable you to plan your requirement for your game.

Rs. 5999/-

Effective Price - Rs. 4000/-

Path 2

Take the road of being guided in a personalised manner, tailor made to your specific needs and circumstances.

For, It is but guidance that can lead to becoming the New You! We have curated a Consultation programme for the Young Footballer that focuses on detailed assessments of growth, fitness, dietary and lifestyle patterns and then constructs the right Nutrition and Lifestyle programme for you.

This involves one detailed consultation and one follow up session and you have the option of choosing either an online or an offline consultation. Come, take our personalised support and get your game on from here on.

Rs. 5999/-

Effective Price - Rs. 4000/-

Professionals' Choice ⭐⭐⭐

Path 3

This is put together for those who want it all. They are dedicated enough to allow themselves to be guided and committed enough to pledge to changing mindset and behaviour in order to reach their highest performance potential!

For Victory is assured for those who sit on the shoulders on giants and learn to fly from there! We offer you the option of choosing both the paths Consultations + SET This could power charge your nutrition and lifestyle mindset and behaviour into your best performance.

Regular Price : Rs. 11999/-

Effective Price - Rs. 8000/-

Our belief believes in using correct Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices to help the young footballers of our country elevate their performance to the next level in a sustainable manner. Let our Indian Footballers shine in glory and do India proud! We are proud of you dear Champions and will partner with you no matter how high you set your goals (pun intended)!

Pick your path soon before the offer expires....

Meanwhile keep training Stay Committed
Stay Nourished
Stay Blessed


Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 aspects to this question. Some are Genetically fitter & Stronger, some acquire the skill & fitness by putting in the hard work, the third aspect is having the right nutrition. You can acquire energy, stamina & endurance just by eating right. Hence nutritional knowledge is very important for any sports person.
This webinar has 4 parts to it. Once you attend & understand this 4-part webinar, You will be equipped with the basic information & if you invest in our Sets or Consultations, you will move a step forward in attain superior fitness in a more controlled manner. You can even share & guide your fellow players & team mates to achieve more through correct eating.
The SET is a Self-Empowerment Tool for you to empower yourself and achieve higher performance while playing the game. You will be able to attain match & practice fitness to outperform in your school, college, or club matches. The Set includes, Guidance Videos, Summary documents, Meal plans, Recipes & some learning resources.
The SET is very useful to player who are representing their school teams, club teams & Who intends to develop a healthy mindset. For all aspiring footballers & Athletes, for care givers like parents, cooks & more importantly for coaches to get the team & players best performance. Team owners & Schools who want to inculcate a healthy mindset in their children at an early age.
A SET is self help & a Consultation is personalized help towards achieving the same objective. You can use any one or a combination of both to raise your standards.
You invest in achieving more, feeling fitter & giving better performances to finally get selected in the district or State teams. This enables & empowers player, parents & Coaches to attain a healthy mindset which is extremely critical for better performance.
When you buy a SET, you get an annual membership so that you can access the content for one year from the date of purchase. That is a period enough to bring about a healthy mindset & if followed to the core You will be a better player within 3 months.
We have developed an offer for SSE, Studio 23 & BIS and you will save big with the coupon code that will be emailed to you or communicated to you during our webinars for purchase of the Set or Consultations. endeavors to use Nutrition for a sustainable change in health.

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