Nutrition for Optimum Performance of Young Footballers

Webinar on Kids Performance Nutrition in sports

A Four Part Webinar Series Organised by SSE & Studio 23 in collaboration with

Webinar Duration - 1 hr.

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Veni Vidi Vici
I came, I saw, I won

~Julius Ceaser

Dear Champ,
These are the words every young footballer wants to abide by.
Successfully reaching the top of your game and winning has three essential components –
Talent – the genetic blessing, mindset and passion
Effort – the hard work and the training
Nutrition – the fuel for performance.

Whilst the first two are focused on, Nutrition takes a backseat or is often neglected.

Good Nutritional and lifestyle practices can be the gamechanger in the result between failure and success.

About Our Webinar

Our Four Part Webinar series

This Four Part Webinar series focuses on giving an understanding of the right food to eat to achieve peak performance during training season as well as during the game season.

The Performance Mindset
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Setting nutrition and Lifestyle right for performance - Energy, protein, carbohydrate, fats


Setting Nutrition and Lifestyle Right for Performance - Vitamins, minerals and Hydration


Nourish the Effort - Nutrition during training season with sample menu plans and suggested recipes


Nourish the Game - Nutrition during the game season Pre, during and post game Sample menu plans and suggested recipes

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Experience the change

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear
~ Gautama Buddha.

Are you ready to change your game into excellence?

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About the Speaker

Dr. Anuradha Mitra

MSc (Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics)
Ph. D (Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics)

Dr. Anuradha Mitra (Former Head of the Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan) holds more than three decades of experience in the field of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics both as an academician as well as in the field of Community Nutrition. She has been the Chairperson of the Adhoc Board of Studies of Home Science and the Research Recognition Committee of the University of Mumbai.

About the Speaker

Ms. Vibha Hasija

MSc (Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics)
P.G. Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
Registered Dietitian

Vibha Hasija is an academician (Head of Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan, University of Mumbai) since 25 years. An expert in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and Nutritional Meal Planning, she is known for her powerful and highly effective teaching techniques in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. She believes firmly in that – All changes happen first in the mind and this has been the guiding principle in her life as well as in applications in the field of Nutrition. 


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